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Eye Exams 

Eye Exams are an essential part of preventative ocular health care.  In addition to checking for glasses prescription, we also check the overall health of your eyes and the visual system.  Many diseases like glaucoma, cataract and macular degeneration are asymptomatic in early stages and could lead to severe vision loss if leave untreated. 

How often should you check your eyes?

  • Under age 20:             Yearly,    Covered by OHIP with a valid health card. 

  • Age 20 - 64:                 Every 2 years. Eye exam is not normally insured by OHIP unless there is a eligible medical condition.  Your insurance may cover full or part of the exam fee.             

  • Age 65 or older:           There has been a change in OHIP coverage on September 1, 2023.  Patients over 65 with no eligible medical conditions are insured by OHIP every 18 months.  OHIP insures two partial exams between two full exams.  Patients who have a eligible medical condition (eg, diabetes, glaucoma, macular degeneration, etc )  are insured every 12 months.

  • Diabetic Patients:       Yearly.  Insured by OHIP 

  • Glaucoma Patients:    Yearly.  Insured by OHIP                               

Private Insurance

We offer direct billing options with most insurance providers (plan permitting).  Although we try our best to direct bill insurance companies, sometimes some companies do not allow us to do so.  In that event, you may have to pay first and submit the receipt yourself. 

  • Green Shield

  • Canada Life (used to be Great West Life) 

  • Manulife Financial

  • Blue Cross

  • others 

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