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Trying On Glasses

Eye Glasses

Check out our selection of eyewear at our clinic.  Choose frames and lenses to match your needs.  Depends on your work requirements and life style, you may benefit from single vision lenses, bifocals, progressives or office lenses. 

Single Vision Distance Lenses  
Are you near-sighted, far-sighted or have astigmatism?  Single vision glasses for distance is excellent for viewing at far, like driving, watching a movie, sitting in a lecture or other daily activities.  

Single Vision Reading Lenses
If you are having trouble seeing up close, like reading a book or painting a picture or sewing, single vision reading glasses provide you with sharp vision at near.  They are easy to adapt and inexpensive.  

Computer Single Vision Lenses or Glasses for Intermediate Distance
Some of you are probably struggling to see the monitor clearly.  Reading glasses just do not seem to work. Reading glasses are usually made for viewing at 40-50 cm from the eyes.  Most of people have computers at a further distance, often at arms length.  A weaker prescription specifically for that distance will provide sharper vision and better posture. 

Invisible Progressive Lenses
If you need corrective lenses to see both far and near, progressive lenses is an excellent choice.  The top part of the lens is for distance viewing.  As you lower your eye to the bottom part of the lens, the reading power increases gradually.  They provide clear vision for distance, near and also intermediate.  They may take longer time to adapt than single vision lenses, but they are fantastic for day-to-day activities.  There is no visible line on the lens. 

Bifocal Lenses
As the name suggest bifocal lens provide two focal strength, the top part of lens is for viewing objects at distance and the lower part is for reading at near.  There is a visible line on the lens. If you spend hours working on a desk top computer, bifocals may not work well for you.  

Office Lenses
Sometimes regular progressive lenses or single vision glasses just do not meet the visual requirements at work.  You may find yourself constantly lifting your chin up to find the right spot on your progressives to see the monitor.  Office lenses offer enhanced intermediate and reading zone.  If you spend many hours doing computer and paper work, office lenses make it easier on your eyes and less strain for your neck. 

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